RELEASE: “Don’t Let Them” riddim on 3x 7″ vinyl on 16th July 2012.

Release date: 3x 7″ Vinyl – 16/07/2012. Digital – soon come. available now from the Scotch Bonnet Records shop, alongside all available past releases and newly updated shop stock from around the world of reggae, dub and dancehall.

Conscious Sounds & Charlie P with special guest

2010.11.20 conscious poster b&w


Dougie Wardrop started out selling records from a stall in Camden in the 80s. With a 4-track off Nick Manasseh he started producing and set up his Conscious Sounds record label, going on to become a godfather to the European reggae scene. His productions of late have been the best yet while his early classics never tire. Unfortuneately King General can’t be on the mic as planned, but we are very excited to welcome Charlie P for his Scottish debut. The prodigious 16 year old is causing a ruckus with his clean style and contemporary story. The Mungo’s crew will be providing reggaematical support, in a forward thinking style.

Charlie P Backstabbers video
Charlie P with Kenny Knots at the Paris Dubstation
Nice interview with Dougie Wardrop, including live footage
Charlie P with Errol Bellot in Conscious Sounds Studio
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