We are Mungo’s Hi Fi!

We love soundsystem culture to the core  –   from its Jamaican roots to raves, clubs and festivals.

When performing as DJs, playing our heavyweight soundsystem, producing music, collaborating with vocalists and releasing artists on our label, we create a uniquely uplifting experience.

We are Dougie No Pain, Craigy Wonder, Breezak Bass and Tommy Danger – the collective known as Mungo’s Hi Fi.



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Fri 21st June 2024
Soul Revolution Festival 2024, Weston-under-Lizard, UK
Fri 28th June 2024
United Tribes 2024, Omagh, UK
Fri 28th June 2024
FESTIVAL MUSIK'AIR 2024, Montargis, France
Fri 12th July 2024
Manifest 2024, Southend On Sea, UK
Thu 18th July 2024
Beat-Herder 2024, Clitheroe, UK